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Prime, Inc 18 Wheeler Collision

A driver that worked for Prime Inc. had 60+ driving violations on his record and Prime Inc. still allowed him to drive commercial vehicles time and time again.

This accident resulted in this driver rear ending our clients causing trigeminal neuralgia and severe back issues. We never stopped working on getting our clients the $12,450,000 verdict they deserved!

Deep Sea Diver Wrongful Death

Normally, getting a judgment is where the fight ends. In this case, it is just the beginning. Our client at Kherkher Garcia was a deep-sea diver working on the removal of an anchor which secured pipeline to the seabed in the Gulf of Mexico. During the dive operations, the seabed collapsed on him. After being caved in for a few hours, he was rushed up to the vessel. Because he was rushed up, nitrogen bubbles emulsified his internal organs and he died from his injuries after an hour of being in the decompression chamber on the vessel.

Throughout this whole ordeal, we believe the companies responsible for his death are subject to the justice of the United States legal system. However, they believe otherwise. We will now begin the process of holding all responsible parties accountable through every avenue the law provides. We are always prepared to fight hard for our clients.

Fatal Maritime Injury Case | Vessel Collision

On January 14th, 2020, a 600 ft Norwegian oil tanker collided with a local shrimping boat named "Pappy's Pride" in the Houston shipping channel. We believe that the evidence is clear that the oil tanker was negligence when they barreled through the ship channel with near zero visibility. We represent half of the crew of "Pappy's Pride," including the only survivor, and we are working around the clock to ensure Odjfell is held accountable.

This is the first public update on the case and explain what a maritime limitation of liability is and how Odjell has already used it to try and mitigate their liability.


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