Attorney Tom works hard to provide exceptional representation and is dedicated to being there for his clients. Past clients outline their experiences working with him below.

Very professional and responsive

I told him Tommy John, you’re my hero. Because that’s how I feel about him. I do not know what I would have done without Tommy John and his team. I can’t even imagine.

Posted by Jarrett R.

immediately answered the phone on a Saturday at 4:35pm

While mistakenly detained by the police I called attorney Tommy Kherkher who immediately answered the phone on a Saturday at 4:35pm today 6/1/19 and was quickly released. It was happy to know the law was on my side.

Posted by Therrion Reff

integrity and honor

A person of integrity and honor. He will work hard for you.

Posted by Susan Kherkher

Thomas John Kherkher is a great choice for legal representation

Thomas John Kherker was extremely professional when dealing with my case. I had gotten into a tough spot involving contracts and was entirely taken advantage of. Thomas was recommended to me by a mutual acquaintance and I am so grateful he was. He not only went out of his way to call and text me personally during his busy schedule, but made me feel as though my situation was very important and promptly helped me deal with the circumstances. He wrote an official letter to the company within a day of me getting him all of the information he needed. Thomas is extremely personable and passionate, he cares about the clients in which he represents, which I feel can be rare from previous experiences. Because of his legal advice and guidance, I was able to get out of a voidable contract in which I was sure there was no way out of. I would recommend him to anyone seeking legal representation.

Posted by Elizabeth

When I was rear ended they had my back.

Mr. Kherkher and his team represented me in a highway accident that resulted in my car being totaled. These are some of the things I appreciated the most during our partnership. -Consistent availability. One of the first things I noticed was his teams consistent availability. It definitely helped relieve some of the anxiety I had after the accident. -Client focused After the accident his teams first priority was making sure I was physically stable, and on the way to recovery. They gave me courtesy calls, got me in physical therapy, helped me secure a rental, and made sure I didn’t have to put any extra strain on my body. -Transparency They kept me involved throughout the process. One thing I really enjoyed was my involvement in both personal injury and property claims portions of my case. They were honest about the realities and worked to get me much more than I anticipated. Thank you Mr. Kherkher

Posted by David

He is among the best

I have known Tommy John Kherkher for a long time. He is among the best. A true lawyer and extremely responsive.

Posted by Cody Hall

They are very organized

The team at The Kherkher Law Firm are polite and will work hard for you. They are very organized. I would definitely recommend going to them for your personal injury issues.

Posted by Jarrett Richter

Very friendly and responsive

Kherkher Law is the best. Very friendly and responsive. Helped me work through my issue.

Posted by Mike Johnson

Tommy was very kind and helpful

Attorney Tommy was very kind and helpful and he has a great YouTube channel @attorneytom I feel comfortable going to him for any of my future legal concerns.

Posted by Alex Cardenas