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When it is time to part ways, you may be entitled to receive a severance package from your employer. However, is their offer really everything that you deserve? Some people aren’t sure how much to ask for, and others find the negotiation process intimidating and don’t want to make waves. Whichever side you come down on, there is one important fact that you need to know when it comes to your severance package: A severance agreement isn’t for your benefit, it’s for your company’s benefit.

At Attorney Tom, we will examine the circumstances of your employment and advise you on what your best options are. We can help you outline the strengths of your case, give you a fair estimate of the package that you were offered, and determine if a more aggressive negotiation strategy will work in your best interests.

Your employer has an HR department and lawyers at their disposal – don’t negotiate with them without having someone on your side. Contact us today at (713) 244-6363 for information on how we can help you negotiate a better severance package from your Houston-area employer.

Disadvantages to Negotiating on Your Own

When people try to negotiate with a company on their own terms instead of hiring professional and experienced legal help, they can fall into a number of common pitfalls. Here are some of the biggest disadvantages of trying to negotiate on your own:

  • Not understanding the negotiating process:
    • Asking for too much can ruin your credibility and make you look inexperienced and greedy.
    • Asking for too little cripples your bargaining power and means you don’t understand your own value.
  • Letting your emotions get the best of you:
    • If you are being let go in a less than ideal way, your anger, embarrassment, or hurt feelings can interfere with your ability to reason through your situation. These emotions may also lead to hostility when it comes to negotiating on your own, making the process counterproductive.
    • Conversely, being excited and happy to leave can mean you’ll settle for less than what you deserve because you don’t want there to be ill feelings in your parting.

Advantages of Hiring a Lawyer to Negotiate Your Severance 

When it comes to your money, you want to keep more of it in your pocket, that’s understandable. You may think that hiring an attorney to help you negotiate something like a severance package is too expensive and not worth your while. Nothing could be further from the truth. You want to get everything that you deserve from a severance package, something reflective of the time and effort that you poured into your job and the company.

On the other hand, the company wants to part ways quickly and with as little disturbance to their profit margin as possible. They want you to sign the first agreement they give you and make a clean break. That isn’t always in your best interest. The advantages of having an experienced attorney on your side are numerous and can greatly impact the value of your severance package. Here’s why you need an attorney:

  • An attorney means your company will take your negotiation seriously:
    • Unfortunately, when it comes to negotiations, whether it is with an insurance company, an ex-spouse, or even your own company, people will not take you seriously unless you have an attorney backing you up. Having an attorney shows your company that you are serious about negotiating the best terms possible for your benefit. It also means they know they can’t try to intimidate you into accepting their “first and only” offer.
  • An attorney can assess your individual situation and look for legal leverage:
    • When it comes to negotiations, oftentimes, getting the best package comes down to leverage. An attorney can examine the facts of your case and determine if there is the leverage that may make your company rethink their original offer.
  • Attorneys can protect your legal rights:
    • While it is unfair, some employers may exploit a worker’s legal rights, even down to the severance package that they offer. Let a knowledgeable attorney guide you through the negotiation process and ensure that your legal rights are protected.

What to Know About the Negotiation Process

First things first, don’t feel pressured to sign anything right away. Take the time to review the severance package in detail before going any further. It should be considered a red flag if an employer wants you to sign any paperwork right away without giving you ample time to review it and think over your options.

If you have questions or concerns about the severance package itself, or if there are details in the document you may be unclear about, go back through your employee handbook. Do your research and make sure you thoroughly understand the terms of the package and the conditions surrounding your termination.

Once you feel fully informed about the terms of the package and your separation from your employer, consider whether you think the severance package is fair and whether you want to negotiate. Ask yourself what you really expect from your employer in terms of compensation, insurance coverage, unused vacation or sick time, and letters of recommendation.

If at any point in this process you feel overwhelmed, don’t think your package is fair, or you have concerns that your termination may be in violation of a contract or employment laws, it is time to call an experienced attorney.

Contact Attorney Tom to Negotiate Your Severance 

You’ve worked hard and dedicated your working life to your employer. When it is time to separate yourself from your current employer, you shouldn’t be under any illusions that the package they offer you is in your best interest. If you work for a company that is for-profit, then their primary objective is protecting their bottom line.

If you want to get the maximum compensation you deserve from a severance package, then it is in your best interest to turn to a Houston-based lawyer whose job it is to look out for you. Contact the skilled legal team at Attorney Tom today to negotiate your way into a better outcome. Call (713) 244-6363 for a consultation.


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