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Dog Bite Injury FAQs

What should I do first after a dog bites me or a family member?

You should seek medical attention immediately if you or a loved one has been attacked by a dog. This ensures that the health of the victim is prioritized. You should also call 911 so that the authorities document the incident and which may require intervention by animal control officers. The health evaluation also provides the necessary documentation for your case. Also, obtain the contact information for the attacking dog’s owner.

Does it matter where the Dog Attack took Place?

Whether the dog bite occurred on public or private property is not as important as determining who the owner of the animal is and whether or not that owner has insurance to pursue. No matter where the dog bite happens, the dog’s owner has a duty to keep their pet under reasonable care at all times. In some cases, people or businesses who do not even own the dog can be held liable if the dog was under their care at the time of the attack. An experienced attorney can assist you in determining liability.

A police dog bit me. Do I have a claim?

It depends on the circumstances. Police cannot utilize unreasonable force when making an arrest or performing any other obligation. The dishonorable utilize of a police dog can account for unreasonable force. If this is the case in your situation, call Attorney Tom today so that he can help you determine if you have a claim. The police force may be required to compensate you for your injuries.

If my neighbor’s dog bit me on my property, do I have a legal claim?

It depends on the circumstances. You’ll have to determine, for example whether or not the state you live in imposes “Strict liability” on dog owners. If your state does, you may only have to prove that the dog injured you. In the case that your state does not have a strict liability law, you may have to show that your neighbor knew or should’ve known of the dog’s vicious tendencies before it attacked and injured you.

My city has a “leash law.” If a dog owner violates this law, are they liable for injuries caused by their dog?

For the most part, yes. In the case where an owner abuses or violates a leash law, and her dog attacks somebody, numerous courts will hold that this fact alone is sufficient to conclude that the owner was negligent, in which the injured person is entitled to compensation from the dog owner. Do you know if your city or state has a leash law? Contact Attorney Tom today to determine whether they do or not.

Dog Bite Injuries? Call Attorney Tom Today

Dog bites can cause major physical and emotional damage to a person. If you or someone you love has been injured by someone else’s pet, now is the time to learn more about the law. Start the process by speaking with Attorney Tom today. Call us anytime at (713) 244-6363.

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