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Brain injuries are often the result of sudden and severe head trauma. The physical and financial effects of brain injuries can disrupt victims’ lives for years to come. When you or someone you love are suffering from a brain injury, you have options. If your injuries were caused by the reckless or negligent actions of another person, you shouldn’t be left to cope with the complications alone.

By thoroughly investigating the accident and compassionately evaluating your situation, including understanding all of the ways that your injuries have changed your life, a lawyer will help you take action against the responsible party.

Emergency expenses, ongoing medical bills, lost wages, compromised quality of life, and lost earning potential are all challenges with which brain injury victims are forced to cope. While the counsel of a skilled attorney won’t heal your injuries, a fair settlement or verdict can give you access to the resources that you need to move forward.

Holding the at-fault party, or parties, responsible for your injuries is about making sure that you aren’t made to shoulder the financial burden of your injuries alone. Attorney Tom‘s team acts as a support system for you when you or a loved one are navigating the many difficulties that a brain injury presents. We are tenacious, aggressive, and ready to advocate for you. To schedule a free consultation with a Houston traumatic brain injury attorney, call (713) 244-6363 or reach out to us online today.

Do I Need a Brain Injury Lawyer?

When you are dealing with devastating injuries caused by another person, hiring a lawyer is the best way to recover the compensation that you need. Depending on how your injury occurred, the at-fault party’s attorney or insurer may be motivated to offer you a low-ball settlement to resolve your situation quickly.

If you don’t have an experienced attorney advising you otherwise, you may think accepting the first offered settlement is a good idea. However, the truth is that unless your settlement takes into consideration the full range of financial and non-financial loss that you’ve encountered, plus future care, you shouldn’t settle.

Part of the support that an injury lawyer provides is professionally determining the value of your injury claim. By taking stock of your medical expenses, lost wages, compromised earning potential, and non-financial factors such as pain and suffering, your lawyer determines how much compensation you are owed. With this determination, you can feel confident that the settlement provides you with the full amount of compensation that you deserve. In the event of an impasse, your lawyer stands ready to take the case to trial to seek a favorable judgment or verdict on your behalf.

In addition to determining the compensation owed to you, when necessary, your injury lawyer will investigate how your injury occurred. This investigation is critical in proving the at-fault party’s responsibility in causing your injuries. The findings of a robust investigation can sometimes even uncover multiple at-fault parties. Establishing fault is an effective way to protect yourself in case the responsible party attempts to blame you for your injuries.

Why Hire Attorney Tom to Handle My Case?

Attorney Tom prioritizes fighting for the needs of injury victims. We understand that when you’re struggling with the effects of an injury, you may be feeling confused, overwhelmed, or even forgotten. Our team is here to support you by providing trustworthy legal guidance. We’ve focused our practice on serious injuries because, although legal services are not a magic pill, we genuinely believe we can effect positive change in injury victims’ lives.

With hard work and persistence, Attorney Tom is ready to stand with you and your family when you are reeling from the effects of a brain injury. The prospect of hiring a lawyer understandably seems like added stress to families already coping with the various complications that arise from injuries. When you call on our team, however, we are committed to making the process as easy as possible for you.

Though this may be your first time hiring a lawyer, rest assured you are in capable hands. We are committed to transparency, open communication, and securing the best possible results for you. You shouldn’t entrust your case to just anyone. Call (713) 244-6363 today to learn why Attorney Tom is a great option.

Brain Injury Cases We Handle

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), brain injuries contribute to about 30% of all injury fatalities. About 138 people in the United States die each day from injuries that include brain damage. Brain injuries often fall into two categories: closed head injuries or penetrating head injuries.

Closed head injuries are typically caused by blunt force trauma. When a victim sustains a closed head injury, the cranium and protective membrane surrounding it (dura matter) remain whole. Though there is no fracturing or direct brain penetration, victims are still subject to serious adverse effects. Common closed head injuries can include:

  • Cerebral contusions
  • Concussions
  • Intracranial hematomas
  • Diffuse axonal injuries

A variety of symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, headache, slurring, vomiting, seizures, and passing out accompany closed head injuries. In some cases, a victim may even fall into a coma.

Penetrating Head Injuries occur when an object pierces or fractures the skull. Due to the nature of these injuries, victims are at a higher risk of infection. Skull fractures are typically categorized in one of the following ways:

  • Linear fractures that crack through the thickness of the skull table
  • Depressed fractures that cause inward pressure, often pushing bone fragment into the brain.
  • Diastatic fractures most often affect infants. Diastatic fractures occur when the fracture line crosses over one of the skull’s sutures.
  • Basilar fractures are located at the base of the skull. These fractures can impact the pituitary gland and cause diabetes or impotence.

Unfortunately, young children and older adults are most vulnerable to head injuries that result in brain damage. Serious brain injuries can result from a variety of circumstances, some of which include:

  • Auto accidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Defective products
  • Dangerous premises
  • Sports Injuries
  • Medical malpractice

Though these particular causes can leave victims with severe brain trauma, if you’ve suffered a head injury due to someone else’s negligence, contact us to discuss your legal rights and options. Each injury case is unique and deserves personalized, one-on-one attention from a qualified lawyer. Attorney Tom is ready to offer this high level of service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Traumatic Brain Injuries

If you or someone close to you suffered a traumatic brain injury in an accident, the lawyers who work with Attorney Tom know that you have questions. We are here to help you get through this challenging time in any way that we can. Read over our frequently asked questions and get in touch with us at (713) 244-6363 to discuss your situation in more detail.

It depends. When the brain injury is less severe, time and therapy are among the recommended approaches. However, in more severe cases, injury victims may be put into medically induced comas or require surgical intervention. Especially in incidences that cause skull fracturing, surgery may be necessary to clean out bone fragments and protect the patient from infection.

Each injury is unique, and depending on the severity, a qualified medical professional will recommend specific therapies to accommodate your needs best. The support of medical and behavioral therapists is often critical in the healing process. Treatment can often include help from occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech pathologists, neuropsychologists, and rehabilitative nurses. By taking action and recovering the settlement that you deserve, our team aims to help you access the resources you need to make the best possible recovery.

Though anyone can suffer from a brain injury, young children and the elderly are most at risk. Children are still physiologically developing and, as a result, the effects of a brain injury are far more likely to impact them on a long-term basis. The elderly often suffer from severe head injuries as a result of falling. At an advanced age, the healing process can require additional medical intervention and take much more time.

People with brain injuries can experience changes in both cognition and physical mobility. Though these changes can be slight, they could make injury victims more vulnerable to other unintentional injuries like falling. Additionally, the CDC found that those with traumatic brain injuries are more susceptible to seizures, infections, pneumonia, and other consequences. Unfortunately, many brain injuries can have a lasting and potentially permanent impact on a person’s life. Any injury to the brain is serious and should be dealt with immediately and by the best medical and legal professionals possible to help the victim get the treatment and care they need.

Contact a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Today

When you or a loved one have suffered from the far-reaching consequences of brain injury, reach out to Attorney Tom. Our team understands just how quickly expenses for medical treatment, and further accommodations can add up. We are ready to learn the details of your case and provide you with excellent legal guidance moving forward. Though you may feel alone, understand that there is help available to you. Contact our office today at (713) 244-6363 or via our online response form to set up a free initial case evaluation. There are no legal fees unless we win financial compensation for you.


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